The Keyboard Sonatas

Franz Joseph Haydn
(1732 - 1809 Austria)

An Analysis with Suggestions for Interpretation
By Joseph Bloch & Peter Coraggio


A. An Introduction to the Haydn Keyboard Sonatas

Haydn's 62 Keyboard sonatas
Problems Caused by Multiplicity of Editions After 1770
Anthony Von Hoboken
Haydn's Keyboard Instruments
A Synthesis of Contrasting Styles/Italian and German
Italian Keyboard Music
J. S. Bach's Influence
Handel's Influence
Scarlatti's Influence
Clementi's Influence
Gluck's Influence
The German (C. P. E. Bach) Style
Development of the Motif
Importance of the Minuet
Element of Surprise in Haydn
Sudden, unusual key changes
Unusual melodic contours
Surprising changes of musical textures
Experiments with Forms
Haydn's Counterpoint
Ornaments (Embellishments)
Ornamentation Commonly Used by Haydn
Single Appoggiaturas
Double Appoggiatura
Unaccented Appoggiatura
"Haydn Turn"
Inverted Turn
Trill, tr
Trill with Suffix
Trill after an Appoggiatura
Inverted Mordent

Variety of Ornaments and Performance
Indications in a Selected Movement

Sonata in Eb Major, Hob.XVI/49 (1789-1790)

B. Analysis in Detail of Six Sonatas

Sonata in C minor, Hob.XVI/20 (1771)
Sonata in B minor, Hob.XVI/32 (1776)
Sonata in D Major, Hob.XVI/37 (1777-1779)
Sonata in C Major, Hob.XVI/48 (1789)
Sonata in Eb Major, Hob.XVI/49 (1789-1790)
Sonata in Eb Major, Hob.XVI/52 (1794)

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