Lieder ohne Worte (Songs Without Words)

and Variations sérieuses, Opus 54
by Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy (Germany 1809-1847)

An Analysis with Suggestions for Interpretation
by Joseph Bloch & Peter Coraggio


A. Biography of Felix ("Happy" in Latin) Mendelssohn

Sunday Music at Home
Influences upon Mendelssohn
Those Influenced by Mendelssohn
Classical Forms, Romantic Melody, & Baroque Counterpoint
Fingers like Feathers – Classical Control
A Prolific Classical Romantic
The Leipzig Conservatory
Mendelssohn the Conductor
Mendelssohn’s Sister, Fanny Cäcilia Mendelssohn
Mendelssohn’s Death

B. Lieder ohne Worte (Songs Without Words)

Music and Words
Editions and Most Accurate Sources
Forms and types

Analysis of Selected Lieder ohne Worte

E Major, Opus 19/1, Andante con moto
A minor, Opus 19/2, Andante espressivo
A Major, Opus 19/3, Molto Allegro e vivace
A Major, Opus 19/4, Moderato
F# minor/F# Major, Opus 19/5, Piano agitato
G minor, Opus 19/6, Andante sostenuto, "Venetian Boat Song"
Bb minor/Bb Major, Opus 30/2, Allegro di molto
E Major, Opus 30/3, Adagio non troppo
D Major, Opus 30/5, Andante grazioso
F# minor, Opus 30/6, Allegretto tranquillo, "Venetian Boat Song"
A minor, Opus 38/5, Agitato
Ab Major, Opus 38/6, Andante con moto, "Duet"
A minor, Opus 53/5 Allegro con fuoco "Folksong"
A Major, Opus 62/6, Allegretto grazioso
C Major, Opus 67/4, Presto

C. Variations Sérieuses in D minor, Opus 54 (1841)

D. Other Important Piano Works

Fantasy in F# minor, Opus 28 (1833)
Sonata in Bb Major, Opus 106 (1827)
Rondo Capriccioso in E Major, Opus 14 (1824)
Drei Phantasien oder Capricen, Opus 16 191829)

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